A Mississauga couple was left devastated after their special day when they were unable to send their wedding video to loved ones across the world.

Andrea and Cesar Alcantara wanted to capture their wedding day through photographs and video to send to his parents and grandmother who could not attend the event in the GTA.

Cesar Alcantara told CTV News Toronto that his parents could not come due to an issue with obtaining visas and his grandmother is too ill to make the travel.

“We wanted to send a video down there (the Philippines) so at least they could be a part of the experience and we have nothing,” Andrea Alcantara said.

“I just want to show it to her (his grandmother) before something happens,” Cesar Alcantara said.

The photographs from their September 3, 2016 wedding turned out to their likings, but that was not the case with the video.

According to the couple, they had paid $700 to the video company prior to receiving any footage and were expected to pay an additional $100 upon receiving the film. As well, Andrea Alcantara said their contract with the video company said they would receive their video within 30 days after the wedding.

But, after six months of attempting to receive their video Ceser Alcantara said “it’s been all excuses.”

He said the videographer initially told them he had a problem in the Philippines due to a typhoon so they decided to give him some time to recover as they were told they would get the video after their honeymoon.

After several weeks of not hearing from the videographer the couple reached out to the person who referred him to them – Andrea Alcantara’s hairdresser.

The videographer then started contacting them again but Andrea Alcantara says it was “all false promises at this point.”

At that point, the couple thought they might never see the video and their $700 was gone.

“We’re tight on money and $700 doesn’t sound like a lot of money to some people but that was really pushing it (for us) with how expensive weddings are and we made it work so that we could hire him,” Andrea Alcantara said.

She said based on their last conversation with the videographer she believed he thinks he did not earn enough money for the project.

“I really think that he doesn’t see it as a front and centre priority so I think he has it but my husband thinks something has happened to it,” she said.

When the video company was contacted by CTV News Toronto after speaking with the couple, they said there were technical issues with some of the files while made them corrupted.

But, within days of speaking to CTV News Toronto the couple received their video with some files missing from it.

As well, the company did say they felt as though they should have been paid more for the work that was done.

Andrea and Cesar Alcantara now have more than one hour of footage from their special day that can be sent to the Philippines.

With files from CTV News Toronto's Pat Foran