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'I'm not the same person anymore': Husband and father of family killed in Brampton, Ont. crash speaks out

The husband of a 36-year-old woman and a father of three young girls all killed in a car crash in Brampton, Ont. last year made a tearful plea for justice at a sentencing hearing for the man behind the wheel.

Mike Ciasullo could not speak himself at the hearing on Tuesday. Too emotional to speak, he sobbed in court while his friend read a victim impact statement.

“Please Judge, how am I supposed to go through life knowing that I will never hold, kiss or talk to my four beautiful girls again. My entire family is gone forever. Do not let my family’s death and babies death be in vain. He needs to pay for what he did to me and everyone he took a piece of that day.”

Karolina Ciasullo and her three young girls—six-year-old Klara, three-year-old Lilianna and one-year-old Mila—died on June 18 when the SUV they were in was struck by a speeding car.

The driver of the car pleaded guilty to four counts of dangerous driving causing death and was found guilty of driving while under the influence of drugs. This was the second days of Brady Robertson’s sentencing hearing at a Brampton court.

In his victim impact statement, Mike Ciasullo told the judge the crash has left him devastated.

“My entire being has been stolen from me. I’m not the same person anymore and I’m not the same son, brother uncle or friend. I don’t know who I am without them. I was a proud husband and father, now I’m just Mike.”

He wrote about the day of the crash, the phone call, and the funeral.

“On June 18 my world was thrown upside down and inside out. I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worse enemy. The pain of going from having a family filled with love to having emptiness. I think every day about seeing their lifeless bodies for the first time at the funeral home and falling on my knees, screaming and crying for someone to please tell me this is just a nightmare.”

His sister, Connie Ciasullo, cried as she told the judge how she and her brother had to pack up their house and move because her brother could not bear to live among the memories of his now dead family.

“On June 18th he died inside and that is the worst death, because you are still here deteriorating while your soul is with the ones you love the most.”

Six years ago, Jennifer Neville-Lake lost her father and three young children to a drunk driver. Marco Muzzo was sentenced to 10 years for the crime. Neville-Lake told today’s sentencing hearing she has been in Mike Ciasullo’s shoes.

“I do share in the pain and agony of Mr. Ciasullo, forced to transition from being a parent to three happy young children to becoming childless in a matter if seconds due to the egregious actions of someone else”

Neville-Lake and Karolina Ciasullo, a teacher, knew each other through the school board.

“I hope that by sharing a minuscule of the daily consequences, the multiple life sentences for the crimes I did not commit and that I am forced to live with does not fall on deaf ears.”

Robertson’s sentencing hearing will continue in April. Top Stories

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