A day after winning the Rogers Cup, Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu is still taking it all in—as well as looking ahead to the Grand Slam.

Speaking with CTV News Toronto on Monday, the 19-year-old said that she celebrated her win with her parents that night, who were at the tournament in Toronto Sunday afternoon.

“My parents and I were too lazy to cook dinner so we just ordered Uber eats and we just laid low,” she said. “Now I’m going to be home for a little bit and I’m going to celebrate with my family and friends, which I think is going to be really nice.”

Andreescu became the first Canadian woman to win the Rogers Cup in 50 years after Serena Williams retired in the first set due to an injury. While she admits it wasn’t the way she wanted to take the trophy, she told CTV News Toronto that “a win is a win.”

“I really felt for her in that moment. The toughest decision an athlete can make is what she did yesterday, especially in a final,” she said. “I remember I went to her and I said ‘you’re a beast and you are going to bounce back really quickly, I have no doubt.’”

“A true champion like her will definitely be close to my heart.”

The Mississauga-born tennis star is familiar with how injuries can impact an athlete. The Rogers Cup was her first tournament since May after she injured her shoulder. Now, Andreescu’s world ranking has risen from 27th to 14th, something she says is “surreal.”

“It’s just crazy how much a year can make such a big difference,” she said. “I’m just beyond grateful, but I’m not satisfied yet. I want to keep going and pushing myself to do better things.”

Andreescu said that she hopes to make a real run at the U.S. Open, with the goal to win the Grand Slam in New York.

“There’s always going to be pressure. Either the pressure I put on myself or external pressure. But that motivates me,” she said.

“It’s been amazing playing on home soil. Being able to win at home is truly a blessing so I am really grateful for everyone who came out and supported me because without their help I don’t think I would have won the title.”

As for Williams, Andreescu says she hopes they get to play each other again and “maybe finish the match this time.”