GUYSBOROUGH, N.S. - A Nova Scotian woman at the centre of a family feud over a $1.2-million dollar lottery win is staunchly defending her bid to keep her nephew away from his share of the jackpot -- even though both of their names are on the winning ticket.

Barb Reddick and Tyrone MacInnis each won $611,319.50 from a Chase the Ace lottery in Margaree Forks, N.S., on Wednesday night, though Reddick insists the full amount -- $1,222,639.00 -- is rightfully hers.

Reddick says she put MacInnis's name on the ticket for good luck, saying she agreed to split the consolation prize, but not the jackpot.

During a photo op Thursday, she told her 19-year-old nephew that she intends to take him to court.

In an interview Friday, Reddick said she was "not being greedy," saying she recently bought MacInnis a car and helped pay some of his college expenses.

Reddick says she is waiting to hear from a lawyer.

In an emailed statement, a spokeswoman with the province's Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division said it's common for multiple names to be listed on a ticket.

She says the authority has followed the rules,  the prize has been awarded and the lottery is concluded.