A Toronto designer is hoping to capitalize on Rob Ford's notoriety this Valentine's Day, with a series of tongue-in-cheek greeting cards featuring the mayor's likeness and some of his famous turns-of-phrase.

Scotty Naughty is selling the Ford-inspired greeting cards -- featuring cartoon caricatures of the mayor -- on his website.

One of the cards poses the question, "Re-elect me as your Valentine?"

The answer, written beneath a stern likeness of the mayor, is simply, "Mayor answer be yes!"

Another pushes the envelope with its assertion, "I must have been in one of my drunken stupors when... I fell for you."

The cards, in the style of Valentine's greeting many may remember giving to classmates during their school days, are available in sets of 6 or 12, starting at a price of $8, plus shipping.

If you'd like to spread the love this Valentine's Day, there's still time to order a set.

The artist writes on his site that shipments to Toronto addresses typically take 3 days to arrive, while those sent elsewhere across Canada should arrive in less than a week.