Starting Monday, passengers commuting through Union Station may notice a slight change to their regular route.

A new glass-covered pathway that runs below Front Street in downtown Toronto has officially opened to the public.

“The existing access to the TTC subway station at Union Station from the lower level of Union Station has been closed and we are rerouting commuters through the north exit doors of the York concourse,” City of Toronto senior communications advisor Bruce Hawkins told CTV News Toronto over the weekend.

“This allows work to continue on the revitalization project at the station and it creates a much wider path for commuters to access the subway.”

Here is how to navigate the new pathway:

  • When getting off a GO Train, passengers will head northwest towards the new restaurant area in the York Street Promenade
  • Continue heading north before going through the doors straight ahead that leads passengers to the new pathway
  • Passengers will then make a right turn and follow the pathway to the TTC subway trains
  • When passengers are outdoors they will turn east and head down a staircase leading them into the area with TTC subway trains

Extra staff are on hand and signage has been put up throughout the major transit hub to help commuters navigate their new route.