Police have reported that signs on a stretch of Highway 401 recently rededicated to Canada's fallen soldiers have been stolen.

Ontario Provincial Police first received reports of a missing "Highway of Heroes" sign on Wednesday, and say at least another two have disappeared.

"We believe one near Port Hope was taken, and a couple near Trenton," OPP Insp. Doug Borton told CTV.ca.

The 172-kilometre stretch, which extends from Toronto to Trenton, was officially dedicated last month after an online petition to rename the highway was met with overwhelming response.

The route is used to transport the bodies of fallen soldiers to the coroner's office in Toronto once they return to Canada.

Large crowds -- including veterans and emergency service personnel -- have routinely gathered on the highway's overpasses to wave flags in support of the troops.

Borton says it isn't the cost of the signs that makes the thefts upsetting -- it's their meaning.

"It's the significance of the designation of the highway and the signs themselves -- they have 'Highway of Heroes' on them, and the poppy," Borton said.

"It's about Canada's fallen soldiers."

OPP are encouraging anyone who has information about the public tampering with or possessing the signs to contact police.