Many people hit the gym thinking their body will transform instantly, but as one fitness trainer points out, it’s more of a long-term commitment.

Body transformation can take months depending on each person’s body type, according to Jerome Harold, trainer at LA Fitness in Mississauga, Ont.

“You don’t lose the weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose the weight,” Harold told CTV News Toronto.

In order to achieve the desired fitness results, it requires a lifetime commitment of changes in diet and a regular workout routine.

"You’re in it for the long haul because we are going to make you healthy as a collective and the physical will take care of itself," Harold said.

Jason Khater, who has been a client at LA Fitness for several years, says his fitness goals quickly changed after hitting the gym.

“My short-term goal became a long-term goal and working out and keeping healthy has become part of my life,” Khater says, adding that he continues to work out and keep himself motivated.

But how do you stay motivated?

Harold suggests following these simple tips:

1. Understand that working out and eating healthy will help with stress management.

2. Set smart, specific goals. Do you want to lose weight? How much weight do you want to lose? How will you track the progress? Is it achievable?

3. Staying fit doesn’t mean you only need to work out in the gym: find other physical activities or exercises that interest you.

4. Don’t focus just on losing weight and enjoy your lifestyle change.