Liberal candidate Martha Hall Findlay is feeling confident, she says, with Willowdale's federal election just days away.

A star candidate for her party after running for the leadership in 2006, Hall Findlay's lawn signs blanket the snowy north Toronto riding known for being a Liberal safe haven.

"If signs were to say anything, we're very confident," she told CTV's Mike Duffy on Wednesday. "We're very confident as it is. But I have to say, it's a lot of snow to deal with whether it's putting signs in snowdrifts or trudging through snow banks to get to houses."

Monday's byelection is being held to replace former cabinet minister Jim Peterson, who has since retired. His final election campaign resulted in the Liberal Party earning double the vote of second most popular candidate in the riding at the time, the Conservatives' Jovan Boseovski. A prominent lawyer and businesswoman, Hall Findlay also spoke about what she won't be bringing to the House of Commons.

"The one thing I can promise is that if I do become MP that I won't bring more testosterone to Ottawa," she said. "It seems there's plenty of that."

Hall Findlay is up against the Conservative Party's Maureen Harquail, NDP candidate Rini Ghosh and Lou Carcasole of the Green Party of Canada.

According to Ghosh, who also appeared on Mike Duffy Live, there hasn't been much chance to face off with their Conservative opponent, who has failed to show up at numerous all-candidates meetings.

"She's missed some debates and she's also missed an interview with CPAC," said Ghosh. "I would have loved to have Maureen Harquail here today. Unfortunately, Martha and I don't have that chance."

Harquail had been invited to appear alongside Hall Findlay and Ghosh on Wednesday's show, but declined the invitation.

The candidates are finishing a six-month stint campaigning for Monday's byelection, and Hall Findlay did not want to think about the possibility of an upcoming federal vote.

"Our concentration right now is on next Monday," she said. "With Willowdale voters being willing, I'm more than happy to become and MP and see what happens after that."

Monday will see four federal byelections in ridings across the country: Willowdale, Vancouver Quadra and Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River and Toronto Centre, which features another Liberal star candidate: former Ontario premier Bob Rae.

With a report from CTV Newsnet's Mike Duffy Live