A Vaughan man said he was excited when he found out about a promotion for tolls on Highway 407 that could save him hundreds of dollars, but was quickly let down.

Biagio Contento said his friend told him about a special email offer which allowed a person to use Highway 407 for $59 a month for four months only at certain times of the day.

Contento called 407 ETR, the company that oversees Highway 407, to ask for the same discount but was told the discount does not apply to him.

“My bills average $400 to $500 a month, every single month,” Contento told CTV News Toronto. “Someone who is spending a lot of money should be offered the same privilege, but they said no.”

Kevin Sack, spokesperson with 407 ETR, said promotional offers are rare and only offered a few times throughout the year. He says they are targeted towards specific customers.


“We want drivers who aren't driving on the highway as much as they could be to come on and give us a try, and to encourage that we give them a special price for a while,” Sack said. 

He said many companies offer limited time offers for new users, and that the highway continues to benefit drivers who use it. 

“Customers continue to realize the value of driving on the 407 ETR. Everyone who drives on it saves time and money," he said. 

“We are doing the same thing as any other businesses that want to be successful and have a good service to offer.”

Contento said he wishes he could take advantage of the promotion, but Sack said the limited time offer will only come in as an emailed offer, and only the person it was sent can use it. The offer, Sack said, is normally sent to new users, or people who have stopped using the highway.