TORONTO -- Free Wi-Fi on TTC streetcars and buses is on the agenda at today’s virtual TTC board meeting.

The board will be discussing a plan to launch a free Wi-Fi pilot program on buses and streetcars servicing all of Toronto’s 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, colleges and universities in November.

The idea comes after the TTC installed all of the city’s 69 subway stations with free Wi-Fi access for customers in 2018.

The motion, put forward by board members Alan Heisey and Jennifer McKelvie, says 24 of Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas rely solely on buses and streetcars and do not have a subway stop.

The motion says free Wi-Fi for low-income residents and students need to be a priority in order to give Torontonians continuous connectivity.

Heisey and McKelvie also recommend that the TTC Board request the City of Toronto Office of Recovery and Restart advocate for provincial and federal funding for the free Wi-Fi service.

The TTC Board is set to meet online today at 10 a.m.