BARRIE, Ont. - A police officer and three special constables were sent to hospital for treatment Friday after a scuffle with a defendant in a Barrie, Ont., courtroom.

The altercation began Friday afternoon when the presiding judge asked for the man to be removed from the courtroom for being inattentive.

Police say the man -- who was in court on charges of assaulting a peace officer, arson, and mischief -- became angry, agitated and uncontrollable.

The officers were injured in the attempt to gain control of the defendant and remove him from the courtroom.

Police say the injuries include cuts, abrasions, a punch to the face, while one officer was pushed to the floor and a female special constable was hit in the head. One officer was spat on.

No charges have been laid related to the courtroom incident, but police say it remains under investigation.