HAMILTON - About 500 people marched from City Hall to police headquarters as Hamilton became the latest city to host a so-called "Slut Walk."

Organizers say the event is about changing attitudes, from blaming the victim to creating a culture of consent.

Toronto held a similar walk in April after a Toronto police officer told York University students in January that women could avoid being sexually assaulted if they didn't dress like "sluts."

The officer later apologized, but the comments sparked "Slut Walks" in various cities across North America.

Demonstrators at Sunday's march called for the creation of a civilian task force to evaluate how Hamilton police investigate sexual assaults and train to deal with victims.

Among their other demands, the protesters also want police to reveal the amount of funding allocated to sexual assault investigations and related community education.

The group says according to Statistics Canada, more than 90 per cent of Canadian sexual assault victims do not tell police, with many citing fear and distrust of the police and/or their investigative methods.