Toronto Fire rescued two workers who were stuck on a swing stage at a high rise building in the area of Yonge and Adelaide streets Thursday morning.

Officials said the workers were stuck for nearly four hours on the 33rd floor of the building located at 22 Adelaide Street West.

Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters made their way to the floor where the workers were stuck and proceeded to remove glass from the window to bring them inside the building safely.

District Chief Dave Denysek told CTV News Toronto that they thought this was the best way to rescue them safely.

“We had several options to get them out but we chose to take a window out,” he said.

Denysek said that 12 firefighters were ready to assist inside the building and eight more were on the ground as well.

In total, the rescue took about one hour.

When firefighters were eventually able to smash the window open they then passed a ladder through the opening that workers used to crawl back inside the building.

While breaking the glass window, firefighters had to cut through two layers of glass. The inner layer was tempered glass and shattered into small pieces and the outer layer broke into bigger pieces that fell down onto the street.

While the process was underway, emergency crews had the area below roped off.

Both workers were brought into the building safely and no injuries were reported.