Two of Canada's biggest banks, the Royal Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, are considering moving their day traders to locations off of Bay Street during the G20 meetings in June, CTV has learned.

Other businesses in the financial district are asking their employees to consider taking vacation time during the meetings, with concerns that protesters may make business difficult.

"We got a notice a few days ago saying . . . you might not want to come in," a businessman told CTV Toronto, referring to the week of the G20 meetings.

Officials at the TSX say primary trading is already done off-site at an undisclosed location, but know the stock exchange could be a symbolic target for protesters, and security will be tight.

People who live or work in the security zone surrounding the Metro Toronto Convention Centre will need passes to get through security checkpoints during the G20 meetings.

With a report from CTV Toronto's John Musselman