Toronto police say DNA testing has revealed that a fetus found outside a midtown apartment building last month belonged to murder victim Precious Charbonneau, despite an earlier announcement that the two cases were not linked.

Charbonneau, 33, was found dead outside 111 Raglan Ave. in the area of Bathurst Street and St. Clair Avenue, after she and her 43-year-old husband Robert Giblin fell from the balcony of the 21st-floor apartment.

Police later confirmed that Giblin, a former sergeant with the Canadian Forces who suffered from PTSD, had stabbed his newlywed wife before the two plummeted to their deaths. Charbonneau was pregnant when at the time.

On Dec. 23, police found the remains of a human fetus near a dumpster outside the same apartment building.

At the time, investigators said the discovery was not connected to the murder-suicide. But police now say forensic DNA analysis that came back Monday confirmed that the fetus did in fact belong to Charbonneau.

Police say they are still investigating her death.