Land claims made by the Six Nations Confederacy near Caledonia, Ont. will not hold up in court, the federal government has said.

A Department of Justice report presented to the Six Nations Confederacy earlier this week made the statement.

Representatives of the federal and provincial government are negotiating with the Six Nations officials in an effort to end an 11-month occupation of a housing development.

Federal negotiator Barbara McDougall said although the government says Six Nations does not have "a legitimate claim to that particular property," it does not mean that solutions to the dispute cannot be found.

Six Nations spokesperson Hazel Hill said negotiators for the aboriginal group do not believe the report reflects the true situation.

Hill added that although all sides are frustrated by the slow pace of talks, she is confident the dispute can be resolved.

In June, the Ontario government purchased the land at the centre of the dispute from a housing developer. The property is being held in trust by the province until negotiations reach a conclusion.

With files from The Canadian Press