The father and son charged following a violent altercation with transit enforcement officials after a Toronto Maple Leafs game in January are speaking out.

Russell Gillman, 63, says he was pulled aside after paying his fare in Union Station and “basically attacked.”

“I was then physically manhandled, roughed up, thrown around,” he says, “without anybody identifying why that was happening or who they were.”

Gillman says he was thrown up against a wall and then thrown against a temporary construction door that gave way. “And that’s when a lot of what’s on video is kind of from,” he says.

Toronto police have been asked by the TTC to lead an independent investigation into the incident after a video of it surfaced online and was widely shared on social media.

At one point in the video, an officer can be seen repeatedly punching Russell’s son, Jamie Gillman.

“As a father looking at that stuff, it’s sickening,” says Russell.

At another point, Russell can be seen on his knees getting punched in the ribs by a TTC employee.

The video also shows Jamie Gillman, the son, repeatedly punching a TTC employee.

Jamie Gillman, 33, says the altercation happened after he came through the turnstile and saw his father “being pushed up and taken down and thrown all over the place.”

Jamie says he doesn’t even remember some of what happened. “So many things were going on, I didn’t really have time to think,” he says.

Jamie adds that the incident left him with headaches for weeks and a sore arm and hand. “I have a hard time lifting things, so it’s been pretty tough,” he says.

“It’s still inexplicable why the whole thing started,” he adds, “and why such brutal force was used.”

Toronto Transit Commission CEO Andy Byford told reporters Wednesday that the altercation was not prompted by a fare dispute.

“There needs to be a holistic review of exactly what happened, from start to finish, (so) that the context is understood,” he added.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told reporters the police review will aim to determine whether the use of force “was appropriate.”

Max Axmith, president of CUPE 5089, the union representing TTC transit enforcement officers, issued a statement Wednesday urging the public to “let an investigation run its course before making any judgements.”

Russell Gillman is charged with one count of assault and one count of uttering death threats. Jamie Gillman is charged with two counts of assault and one count of uttering death threats. They have hired a lawyer to defend against the charges.

Russell Gillman says he and his son were both drinking at the Maple Leafs game before the altercation, but were not intoxicated.

The TTC says both enforcement officers have been suspended for the investigation.

Second video of TTC arrest emerges

Meanwhile, another video is circulating on YouTube showing a rough arrest by transit enforcement officers.

The footage shows a man on the ground inside Keele Station shouting “stop choking me” and “I’m not resisting” as transit official attempt to subdue him.

After the man is taken into a back room where he is no longer visible on camera, he yells “what are you hitting me for?”

In regards to the incident, TTC spokesperson Brad Ross says that two males had been seen illegally entering Dundas West Station before the arrest.

“One of the suspects immediately attempted to flee and was arrested for trespassing,” Ross says. “He resisted arrest and fought with officers.”

“Officers gave loud verbal commands to stop resisting,” Ross adds. “The suspect was taken to the ground and continued to fight officers.”

Ross says the second suspect “continually attempted to intervene and at one point stole one of our officer’s cell phones.”