Soccer fans in the city’s Little Portugal neighbourhood continued celebrations past sundown after an historic win by the Portuguese team in the Euro 2016 soccer final.

Fans screamed, cried, waved flags and cheered following the win, Portugal’s first ever win in the tournament.

Traffic was completely stopped at Dundas Street West and Dovercourt Road and other area intersections earlier in the day after fans flooded into the streets following the win.

“I’ve been waiting for this forever,” 36-year-old Portuguese-Canadian soccer fan Pedro Marques told CP24. “Portugal is a soccer nation. Ronaldo deserved this.”

The team’s star player exited the game with an injury just 25 minutes in, but an overtime goal by Portugal's Eder secured the team’s 1-0 victory over France.

“We won, we’re the champions,” Marques said.

Other fans echoed the same sentiment.

“I’ve never felt such a feeling in my life before,” another fan decked out in face paint said.

His friend, Alexis Urszulan, said people watching couldn’t help but get swept up in the fan fever.

“It was amazing honestly – to see the excitement in the bar, it’s catchy,” Urszulan said.

Similar celebrations broke out in other cities across the country following Portugal’s’ win.