More than a month after Christina Calayca disappeared from a provincial park in northwestern Ontario, her family is still struggling to understand how she vanished.

Determined relatives left Toronto on Friday to travel to the spot where the 20-year-old went missing. Family members will be holding a weekend vigil.

The Catholic school worker's aunt said a lack of evidence has caused her to suspect foul play.

"She is such an important part of our family, and for her to just disappear without a trace, it just doesn't make sense at all," Karen Caguicla said.

She also said Christina loved her life too much to vanish voluntarily.

"Part of what is upsetting our family ... are rumours that are going around, people telling us that maybe she just ran away," Caguicla said.

"Anyone who really knows Christina knows that's really not at all possible. She has a job that she loves and it pays well. She is very close to her family and very strong in her faith."

Calayca was last seen Aug. 6 while camping with her cousin and two men she knew from a Christian youth group at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, near Thunder Bay. She never returned from her morning jog.

Search crews on the ground and in the air failed to locate Calayca in the dense forest canopy. Police called off the search after nearly three weeks.

The trip to the northern park is the second time members of Calayca's family have visited the area since the disappearance.

Relatives camped out at the park after the jogger went missing, hoping she would be found.