It has been almost a year since 19-year-old Chantel Dunn was killed, but her family is still looking for peace and answers.

No one has been charged since the promising York University law student died from a bullet intended for her boyfriend last February.

Grieving relatives gathered on Saturday as a memorial was unveiled at Praise Cathedral Worship Centre in Mississauga. Several hundred people were expected to attend.

"We're still crying, we're still saddened, we miss her dearly," Dunn's aunt Yvonne Bullard told CTV's Chris Eby.

"We're really hoping that somebody will come forward and let us know what happened, because Chantel would like to know what happened."

The service was also meant to send a message about the tragic consequences of gun violence.

Dunn, an honour student, was shot while sitting in her car in the parking lot of Northwood Community Centre.

The bullet was intended for her boyfriend Shane Morrison, who was sitting beside her.

He fled the scene after the shooting. Morrison lost consciousness in the backyard of a nearby home, but survived the attack.

Police began hunting for two gunmen, but have not yet charged anyone in the killing.

Morrison has been questioned by police, but his co-operation has been "limited," Toronto Police Insp. Brian Raybould said at a press conference last November.

Police announced a $50,000 reward for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Dunn's death.

Raybould said a number of people have come forward at one point but then withdrawn their support in the investigation. He said there are still people in the community who could be helpful but have not spoken to police.

"There is no doubt in any of the investigators' minds that this case can be easily solved," Raybould has said.

Bullard said family members are "puzzled" as to why those who have knowledge of the crime wouldn't come forward.

"If they knew Chantal they would know that an injustice was done to her."

Bullard said relatives have been holding up, but remembering the tragedy again on Saturday was "very rough"

"(We're) thankful for the support we've been getting from friends and neighbours and families and co-workers," she said.

With a report from CTV's Chris Eby