Two families expressed some satisfaction that the man who murdered their loved ones will be spending decades behind bars.

"What he did was a horrible act," Carolina Stubs, sister of murder victim Paula Menendez, told reporters on Wednesday about Christopher Little, 38. "He killed two women, two innocent women. And he should be put away forever."

A jury found him guilty on two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his estranged wife Julie Crocker and Menendez, who was separated from Toronto radio sportscaster Rick Ralph.

The jury in the Markham man's had been into its third day of deliberations before reaching its verdict.

First-degree murder carries an automatic sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years. Sentencing will take place Friday. The families will get a chance to give victim impact statements at that time.

CTV's Austin Delaney reported from the Newmarket courthouse that Little appeared to show little emotion when the verdict was read out. He then sat down next to John Rosen, his lawyer. He was hunched over and may have been crying, but could have been breathing heavily.

Little's parents wouldn't comment after the verdict. Ralph had nothing to say to reporter.

Defence lawyer John Rosen said there would be an appeal. "Mr. Little continues to assert his innocence and says he's not the person responsible for these homicides," he told reporters.

The Crown had said Little slashed the throat of Crocker on Feb. 12, 2007. He then killed Menendez, an Etobicoke physiotherapist. He attempted to frame her as killing Crocker before committing suicide.

Menendez's body was found in the garage of Little's home, while Crocker's body was found in the bedroom.

The Crown's theory was that Little killed Crocker after she made it clear their nine-year marriage was indeed over.

He then drove Menendez's Etobicoke home, strangled her, then brought the body back to his home in Markham where he made it appear as if she had killed herself.

Little wanted it to appear as if Menendez had killed Crocker for having an affair with Ralph, the Crown had argued.

A forensic pathologist testified it didn't appear to him as if Menendez had committed suicide.

Crocker and Little had first separated in the fall of 2006. In December of that year, Little showed up to surprise Crocker, but found her in bed with Ralph.

However, Little and Crocker had reached an agreement for joint custody of their two daughters and division of property.

The children were sleeping in the home when their mother was killed.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Austin Delaney