Police say there is a connection between the discovery of explosives in an east end storage unit Wednesday night and the murder of two men in Pickering, Ont., last year.

The explosives were discovered near Progress Avenue and Kennedy Road after Durham police officers investigating the double murder received a tip.

Other weapons were also found in the shed.

After the discovery, police evacuated the area around the storage locker and TTC and GO Transit routes were temporarily halted while officers removed the material.

Later on Wednesday night, police took the explosives to the Leslie Street Spit and detonated them.

Portions of both the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway had to be shut down while police transported the explosives to the detonation site.

Officers haven't yet said what the connection is between the explosives and the deaths of Harjinder Singh Sandu and Puneet Singh Chhina.

Sandu and Chhina were found dead in the trunk of a car on May 5, 2009, in Pickering. However, Durham police said they believed the two men were actually slain in the Kennedy Road and Sheppard Avenue area.

They described the slaying as having the markings of an organized crime hit.

A man from the Vancouver area and an Ontario man were arrested in the deaths earlier this year

It isn't yet known who was storing the guns and explosives.