Experts from consumer reports have tested a variety of detachable cleats intended to prevent slip-and-fall accidents during the winter.

An estimated 21,000 Ontarians are injured in slip-and-fall accidents each winter.

Sue Shaevitz slipped on ice last year and suffered a traumatic brain injury. She still has headaches, dizziness and vision problems.

“I never thought that a couple of inches of ice would change my life that day and I’d be where I am nine months later,” she said.

Consumer Reports researchers looked at four products between $10 and $100 designed to strap onto footwear and provide better grip on slippery surfaces.

“All of these devices will improve your grip, but there were big differences in performance,” said Bernie Deitrick with Consumer Reports.

The $29 Yaktrax cleats performed the worst on ice, Consumer Reports said. The Outer Star, which retail for $10 have 10 studs on the bottom, aren’t completely effective in preventing slippage. The $49 Ice Trekkers gave more traction. But Consumer Reports found that the most effective were the Stabilicers Maxx, that cost about $70.

Shoe manufacturers also want to create a traction rating system for footwear that will help prevents falls starting next winter.

With a Consumer Alert from CTV Toronto's Pat Foran