Getting your child to sleep can be tough, especially if they’re young.

We talked to several sleep experts who gave us great advice on how to get a head start with your nightly routine.

Amanda Dadd, a certified pediatric sleep consultant, spoke to CTV Toronto about her top tricks.

Here are three things she says to keep in mind when putting your child to sleep.

Realistic expectations

Keep your child’s age in mind when deciding on an appropriate bed time. Some children need more sleep than others

Follow your child’s cues

Don’t rely just on just a clock. Look for sleep cues from your child. If they’re yawning, fussy, or losing interest in activities they may need to go down for a nap. Other cues are when your child looks for their bottle or seeks more cuddles than usual.


Consistency is key, especially for toddlers who are learning what your limits are. Make sure to maintain the same bedtime even during March Break.