Ontario Provincial Police say despite an increased presence, more people are caught speeding on the private 407 highway than other roads in the city.

More than 3,000 speeding tickets have been written up from January to June of this year on the express-toll route.

Officers say many motorists think the private highway is their own personal speedway.

"Some motorists have a sense of entitlement that because they're on a toll highway they're on the Autobahn," OPP Sgt. Cam Woolley told CTV News.

In 2006, a lone OPP officer clocked 134 people travelling in excess of 150 kilometres per hour.

Revenue collected from the highway tolls are used for an exclusive 407 police detachment.

Numbers obtained by CTV News suggest officers patrol Highway 407 more than other highways in the GTA.

"We are looking for drivers out here. We are stopping drivers out here and we are enforcing the highway traffic act upon them," Const. Bret Pincoe told CTV News.

Police remind motorists if they are caught travelling 16 kilometres over the speed limit, drivers will be fined and receive a demerit point.

If caught travelling 50 kilometres over the limit, drivers can face a suspended license.

With a report from CTV's Naomi Parness