TORONTO -- It goes without saying that both hands should be on the wheel when driving, but police in Burlington say they caught a flautist flouting that rule on Wednesday.

In a tweet, Halton Regional Police said they spotted a driver playing his flute with both hands while they were conducting distracted driving enforcement in the area.

It happened at approximately 4 p.m. at Dundas Street and Walkers Line.

Cst. Steve Elms told CTV News Toronto in an email that the driver, a man in his 40s from Waterdown, was initially stopped at a red light and playing the instrument. When the light turned green, however, Elms said he continued to play while driving.

Officers admit they originally expected to see a cell phone in the driver’s hands as they observed the vehicle and admitted they were “a little surprised” to find the woodwind instead.

Police added that the driver was also following along to an iPod at the time of the alleged infraction.

“I cannot advise what song was being played on the flute at the time,” Elms said.

The driver was charged with start from stopped position not in safety under the Highway Traffic Act.