A driver from out of town took a wrong turn early Saturday morning, and ended up stuck in a streetcar tunnel in downtown Toronto.

Officials say it’s not the first time that has happened in recent months.

The motorist, who was visiting Toronto, entered the tunnel near Queen’s Quay and Bay Street, where the 510 Spadina streetcars connect to Union Station, around 4 a.m.

The incident shut down service on part of the streetcar line on Saturday morning. Police and tow trucks managed to remove the vehicle shortly before noon.

Brad Ross, TTC spokesperson, said it was the third time someone has entered that tunnel in recent months.

"It is something that has happened in the past, mostly with motorists who are unfamiliar with the area," Ross told CP24.

"We are looking at signage, and making it stronger and more obvious. And if a barrier is something that might work, we will consider that, too,” he added.

Toronto Police said no criminal charges have been laid, but that an Highway Traffic Act offence may have occurred.

The TTC tweeted around noon that the 510 Spadina streetcar was back to normal.