Police say it's a wonder nobody was seriously injured in a spectacular crash on Highway 401 near Guelph Friday morning, which was captured in extraordinary detail on video.

The video shows a large semi-truck veer into oncoming traffic before smashing through the 401's concrete barrier. The crash occurred around 8 a.m. near Guelph Line.

The truck had been hauling around 30 tonnes of sand before it violently jackknifed and swerved across the highway's eastbound lanes.

Driver Matthew Krizsan shot the crash on video and managed to swerve out of the way as the truck violently lurched over the median.

"Everything seemed to slow down and I think all those years playing video games as a kid paid-off," he said in a phone interview.

The truck driver in the case, 48-year-old Bahadar Bassi of Brampton, has been charged with careless driving.