Toronto police and the TTC say they are conducting separate investigations after a moped driver crashed into a tree after swerving to avoid a bus.

In dashcam video submitted to CTV Toronto, a moped driver riding along Queen Street East in Leslieville can be seen coming up alongside a TTC bus in the far-right lane. At that moment, the bus driver signals and begins to pull into the same lane. The moped driver is then seen swerving before crashing into a tree on the sidewalk.

Toronto Police confirmed to CTV Toronto that the incident happened around 5:15 p.m. Wednesday on Queen Street East, near Coxwell Avenue. They also said the female moped driver suffered minor injuries.

The male driver of the TTC bus was notified by passengers of the incident, police said. The driver then pulled over and tried to assist the woman. He also called police.

A police report filed on the incident also indicates that the bus didn’t actually strike the moped. Instead it states the bus caused the moped to swerve and hit the curb, which caused the moped driver to fall off and strike the tree. TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said the TTC is conducting their own internal investigation into the incident.

No charges will be laid, police said.

The moped rider has been identified as Carly Holmstrom, a local resident of the Beaches.