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Doug Ford sports new look after miscommunication with barber at Walmart


Ontario Premier Doug Ford joked with reporters about his new haircut on Tuesday, saying a misunderstanding with a barber led to the shortest haircut he’s ever had.

The premier was making an announcement in Vaughan, Ont. when reporters started saying they liked his new look.

“I’ve got a story,” Ford said a few times before launching into the tale.

The premier said he went to a Walmart for a trim and told the barber he was a number four, which is supposed to leave your hair about a half an inch long.

“He didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Spanish,” Ford said of the miscommunication. “All of a sudden he pulls out the shaver and zoom, right across the thing, he must have used a one or zero.”

“So then I had to get the other side done.”

Ford said he paid $26 for the haircut, which he said was higher than he has ever paid for a trim.

“Shortest haircut I’ve ever had.”

Watch the full interaction in the video above. Top Stories


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