Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a dog was found branded and suffering from serious head injuries in Aurora, Ont.

York Regional Police responded to a 911 call after the dog was spotted curled up under a tree in the front yard of a home on Sunday afternoon.

The numbers “191” were braded onto both sides of the dog’s body when York police found him on Offord Crescent, near Bayview Avenue and Bloomington Road.

“The dog was severely emaciated, lethargic,” said Const. Netashia McLellan, who responded to the emergency call.

She said the dog, who has since been named Lucky 191, was very unsteady on his feet.

“I don’t think the dog would have made it through the night with the cold weather,” McLellan told reporters during a press conference Thursday.

The dog is estimated to be three or four years old.

Investigators say a chemical, possibly bleach, was used to brand the dog and a head injury left him blind in one eye.

The dog was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic in Richmond Hill where doctors were able to stabilize him.

The Ontario SPCA has taken over the investigation.

OSPCA investigator Brad Dewar said the dog’s vital signs were very low when he arrived to the emergency veterinary clinic.

“He’s made great recovery so far and we’re anticipating a full recovery shortly,” said Dewar.

Investigators are appealing to the owner of the dog and any witnesses to come forward as they try to determine the events that led up to the animal’s discovery.

Dewar said it remains unclear what caused the head injury.

Investigators said numbers on the side of a dog’s body could mean he was involved in some kind of fox hunting or hound trials.

“Usually owners paint numbers on side of the body,” said McLellan. “I think this is more of a permanent nature.”

Because Lucky 191 is a stray, he is “on hold” until an owner comes forward, said Dewar.

The hold will expire Friday.

Anyone with information is asked to call the OSPCA at 1-888-668-7722 ext. 392.