TORONTO - Newly released documents show investigators at the Ontario Lottery Corp. approved a $21.5-million insider win after a two-month probe.

The OLG was compelled to release internal documents detailing the probe today following an appeal to the province's privacy commissioner.

Documents show the OLG's top investigator approved the win by a Cambridge convenience store owner in the wake of allegations the ticket didn't belong to him.

The store owner's former partner filed a lawsuit alleging he left her after the two won the jackpot in July 2006.

The money has since been held in trust by the court while lawyers hammer out who rightfully owns the ticket.

The corporation's internal documents show the store owner had pocketed almost $17,000 in previous wins before claiming the $21.5-million 6/49 jackpot.

Investigators say store owner Eun Chul Shin initially panicked and told them the jackpot ticket belonged to a customer who had left the store. Shin told investigators he was afraid that if he claimed the ticket, his information would be released to the media, according to internal documents.