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'Do not consume': Health Canada recalls brand of mushroom sold in Ontario

Health Canada has issued a recall notice for a brand of mushroom sold in Ontario, and possibly other provinces, due to listeria contamination.

The notice, issued on Wednesday, recalled all 200g bags of Golden Mushroom’s Enoki mushrooms.

The recalled product has been sold in Ontario, but may have been distributed in other provinces and territories, the agency says.

Listeria, or Listeria monocytogenes, is a bacterium that, when consumed, can make you sick.

Symptoms of listeriosis can include vomiting, nausea, persistent fever, muscle aches, severe headache, and neck stiffness, Health Canada said in its notice. Pregnant women, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk.

“Although infected pregnant women may experience only mild, flu-like symptoms, the infection can lead to premature delivery, infection of the newborn, or even stillbirth,” it said.

Severe cases of listeria illness may cause death.

If you think you became sick from consuming a recalled product, Health Canada advises you to contact your healthcare provider.

If you have recalled products in your home, the agency says not to consume, serve, use, or sell them. Instead, it advises you to throw them out or return them to the location they were purchased. 

Golden Mushroom's 200g bags of Enoki mushrooms have been recalled by Health Canada. (Source: Health Canada) Top Stories

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