The trial still requires the approval of city council, but if councillors sign off on the idea on June 10, dedicated bike lanes could be established as early as this summer.

The recommendation -- which will cost an estimated $390,000 -- paves the way for a number of bicycle tracks. On Richmond Street West, from York to Bathurst streets, a westbound bicycle lane will be created; and on Adelaide Street West, from Bathurst to Simcoe streets, an eastbound lane will be established.

Councillors will also be asked to consider bike lanes on:

  • Simcoe Street, from Front Street West to Quest Street West
  • Peter Street, from King Street West to Queen Street West
  • Richmond Street West, from Bathurst to Niagara streets
  • Bathurst Street, from Richmond Street West to Adelaide Street West
  • Phoebe Street, from Beverly to Soho streets
  • Stephanie Street, from John to Beverly streets

Wednesday's decision was welcomed by many cyclists. They say the lanes will help make navigating the busy streets less dangerous.

"It's just a tight space to squeeze through no matter what time of day," Danielle Kubes told CTV Toronto. "You have to be conscious of everything around you."

Coun. Minnan-Wong, who chairs the public works and infrastructure committee, also was in favour of the pilot project.

"People are going to have to make some level of accommodation for cyclists," he told CTV Toronto.

If approved by city council later this summer, the pilot project will remain in operation until next year, when council will vote on the recommendations outlined in an environmental assessment study.

That report will evaluate the feasibility of setting out dedicated bike lanes in the Richmond-Adelaide corridor, between Bathurst and Sherbourne streets. The study will also evaluate the feasibility of a number of other bikeways, including ones on Wellington, Peter and Simcoe streets.