Toronto Coun. Rob Ford had charges of assault and threatening death in an alleged domestic dispute withdrawn in an Etobicoke courtroom on Wednesday.

The Crown prosecutor told the court there were "serious reliability concerns" with the complainant in the case, Ford's wife of eight years, Renata.

Prosecutor Leanne Townsend said Renata's initial statement to police was later contradicted by subsequent statements.

Townsend said Renata was told of the decision to drop the charges and was "content" with the move.

Outside court, Ford told reporters he was relieved the ordeal was over. He said he and his wife are currently attending marriage counselling.

The 38-year-old councillor said having a marital dispute play out in the public eye was "horrible."

"It's tough when people assume you're guilty when you're not," he said. "I knew I was innocent from day one and justice has been served today."

Ford was arrested and charged on March 26 after an incident that was alleged to have taken place inside his Etobicoke home.

He and his lawyer denied that an assault took place, and called the charges "unfounded."

Ford said he called police the day before he was charged about an incident involving his wife, and officers advised him to leave the house with the couple's two young children. He did, and stayed with his mother.

Ford was granted temporary custody of both children, a move his lawyer said spoke volumes about the strength of the Crown's case.

Ford, an outspoken and controversial councillor known for his penny-pinching, said Wednesday he doesn't think the negative publicity arising from the incident would hurt his chances of running for mayor in the next municipal election.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Chris Eby