A day after being charged with assault and threatening death, Toronto Coun. Rob Ford returned to his city hall office on Thursday saying he will continue his duties representing taxpayers.

Ford was composed when speaking to CTV Toronto, but said he couldn't reveal much about the alleged domestic incident involving his wife of eight years.

He said the media coverage and attention to his arrest is just a part of being a public figure.

"You gotta have a thick skin to be in this game," Ford said. "The easy way out is to cop out and say 'that's it.' I'm not going to do that. I love my job, I love my constituents, I love the taxpayers and I like taking care of them and I treat their money with respect."

In a one-on-one interview later in the day, the Etobicoke North councillor said he called police the night before the alleged incident.

"Tuesday night I had to call police and they arrived on the scene and saw a situation and advised me to leave the house and to take my kids with me," he said. "I did exactly what they said."

Ford, 38, has been granted temporary custody of both his young children. His lawyer says it's an unusual move that could work in his client's favour.

"It speaks volumes as to the strength of the Crown's case," Dennis Morris told CTV Toronto.

Morris called the charges "spurious" and said Ford will be pleading not guilty.

Conditions of Ford's bail prevent him from living at his Etobicoke home where the incident is alleged to have occurred. He said he loves his wife Renata dearly, "it's just there are a few issues."

The councillor was arrested Wednesday morning, processed and released from custody. He is to appear in court on April 28.

Ford not stepping down

Ford says he will not be resigning as councillor. City hall officials say a councillor would only have to step down is they were convicted of a crime and sentenced to jail.

Mayor David Miller said it was inappropriate for him to comment on Ford's situation.

"This is a personal situation," Miller said on Thursday. "It's obviously both serious and sad and I really can't comment when it's before the criminal courts."

Ford, an outspoken and controversial councillor known for his penny-pinching, has made headlines in the past for his behaviour and remarks.

Two years ago he lied about being drunk and shouting profanity at a Toronto Maple Leafs game. He later admitted his actions and apologized.

Earlier this month he came under fire for saying Asian immigrants are "slowly taking over" because they work hard. He also referred to them as "those Oriental people."

He apologized for his choice of words, saying he was trying to pay a compliment.

Meanwhile, many constituents in Ford's riding say the councillor works hard to represent their needs and concerns.

"He's a very good councillor and he represents the people very well," said one man. "He's a person who likes to speak his mind and a lot of people don't like when you speak your mind."

With reports from CTV Toronto's MairiAnna Bachynsky, Alicia Kay-Markson and John Musselman