TORONTO -- A pair of Toronto cops spent part of their Sunday afternoon helping two baby deer cross the street—followed closely by what appears to be their mother.

Toronto police said that officers were called to the area of Royal York Road and Norseman Street in Etobicoke around 12:45 p.m. after getting a radio call.

In video taken by an area resident who was out for a walk at the time, one officer is seen holding a fawn with both hands. An adult deer then darts in front of him and crosses the street, heading towards a second officer who is also holding a baby deer.

The second officer slowly walks across the road towards the other, with the adult deer following closely behind.

When both fawns are on the same side of the road, along with the mother, the officers slowly put them down on the grass near a wooded area. All three animals scamper away.

The circumstances leading up to when the officers picked up the fawns is not known.

A spokesperson for the Toronto Wildlife Centre said that members of the public should notify them if they see an animal in distress.

“I think what a lot of people are not aware of, little fawns like this are often stashed in long bushy areas and left alone during the day by their mothers,” Nathalie Karvonenm, director of Toronto Wildlife Centre, said.

“If they are just wandering around by the mother they can be picked up by a bird of prey or a coyote or something. If someone finds a deer fawn, even if it’s completely alone, it’s best not to do anything and call us. Once in a while that deer fawn does need help, but often its fine waiting for its mother.”