The court appearance for an Oshawa, Ont., man who was arrested in connection to a bizarre confinement room discovered in an abandoned farmhouse has been put over until next week.

Robert White, 44, is scheduled to appear at a bail hearing in an Oshawa courtroom on Tuesday, after being charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit a crime.

Durham Regional Police allege what appeared to be a dungeon was built inside a farmhouse on Concession Road in northwest Pickering, with plans to use it for a criminal purpose.

While police say they have determined what kind of crime the room was intended for, they would not discuss the matter publicly because of the potential to affect the victim or victims involved.

Police had previously said the room appeared designed to hold someone captive. There was no indication that a crime had been committed inside the room.

The home, which sits on property owned by the local airport, had been marked for demolition in late November when contractors found a recently-built "confinement room" inside.

The abandoned farmhouse burned to the ground earlier this year, in what local police and fire services described as a suspicious blaze. Police said on Tuesday that the fire is still under investigation.