A lack of park-and-ride spots at Go Transit stations is forcing drivers to leave their vehicles in other crowded lots or even park illegally at the risk of fines.

Commuter Stephanie Florio uses the Rutherford Go Station in Vaughan, but says it’s difficult to find a spot to leave her car.

Before 8 a.m. on Wednesday, she circled around the park-and-ride, hoping to get one of the last available spaces.

She said that sometimes she has to park illegally, “and there is a risk every day of getting a ticket.”

The fine for illegal parking is $50. In a single month, Florio got 17 tickets for a total of $850.

Metrolinx says it means a lot more commuters are using Go Transit.

“It’s a good thing; we want to be popular,” said Metrolinx spokesperson Vanessa Barrasa.

The transit agency said drivers like Florio need to find other ways to reach their Go stations.

“We really do sympathize with people, but they need to try and find other ways to get to the station,” said Barrasa.

Go Transit is encouraging riders to car pool, take local transit, cycle, or walk.

But Florio’s local Go Station will also get a larger park-and-ride lot.

“For Rutherford, we are getting to redesign the Rutherford Go and Maple to try and add more parking,” said Barrasa.

Florio said the redesign can’t come soon enough. She got another parking ticket on Monday.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Pat Foran