The Canadian National Exhibition has issued a warning about a website offering discount tickets for admission to the annual fair.

In a news release issued this weekend, the CNE said it has received “numerous complaints” about a website called

The site, according to the CNE, claims to sell tickets for $11.02. Some who have attempted to purchase the tickets say their personal information and credit card data was collected but they were never given an option to pick up or download any tickets.

"The current situation is under investigation... as soon as we became aware of it last Sunday, we immediately put notifications up on social media. We engaged our legal department to start an investigation," Virginia Ludy, the CEO of the CNE, told reporters on Sunday.

"These are fraudulent tickets. They are not tickets that are valid for the Canadian National Exhibition."

The website operator has been sent cease and desist letters from the CNE and Google has been notified about the fraudulent operator, Ludy said.

It is not clear how many people attempted to buy fake tickets.

Ludy said the CNE will not be honouring any tickets that were not purchased from legitimate sources.

"That’s buyer-beware. I think we all as consumers need to be aware of where we are buying things from online," she added.

The CNE says there are only three legitimate places to purchase tickets to the fair, including, CNE ticket booths and participating GO Transit stations.

Anyone who used the site and was charged but did not receive tickets following the transaction is advised to contact police.

Ludy called the incident "frustrating."

"I guess this is the world that we live in now," she said. "The internet has the deep dark holes that it has and although it provides a great service to our customers when they are buying from legitimate sites, there are also some folks out there who see it as an opportunity to carry on some illegitimate businesses."