The city will launch a pothole blitz this weekend ahead of a freeze and thaw cycle that will likely put an added strain on local roads.

The blitz, which begins on Saturday, will result in the city more than doubling the number of pothole repair crews on the job from an average of 25 on a typical day to 55.

The crews will be filling potholes across the city with a particular emphasis on the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway.

Drivers are being warned to expect “minor delays” as a result of the work.

“Potholes are a nuisance when driving and biking, and can damage tires. Winter takes a toll on our roads, especially when we experience extreme swings in temperatures like we've experienced lately," Mayor John Tory said in a press release issued on Friday morning. “Our crews will take advantage of the break from the snow to focus on filling as many potholes as they can to help keep our roads in good condition."

The city fills about 210,000 potholes every year, though there has been a drop in the number of potholes filled through the first few weeks of 2018 due to a prolonged deep freeze.

So far in 2018, city crews have filled a total of 6,041 potholes compared to 7,753 during the same time period last year.

Milder conditions forecast for the weekend and the first few days of next week may, however, lead to more potholes developing, hence the blitz.

“We have seen fewer potholes in the first three weeks of January but some of the warmer weather now will be causing that to change,” Tory said during a news conference at the city’s Eastern Yard.