Toronto city officials are expected to meet Tuesday to brainstorm ways to manage the many Pokemon GO players that congregate at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal.

Several PokeStops – virtual beacons that attract players of Pokemon GO to specific locations – are positioned at the ferry terminal causing more congestion at the already jam-packed area.

Last week, Toronto Parks and Recreation spokesperson Matthew Cutler indicated that the PokeStops have prompted a level of over-crowding that is “not sustainable” for the terminal’s small park space.

He says the department has contacted the San Francisco-based game developer, Niantic, asking they reconsider the location of the stops.

“We have asked the developer to remove or relocate the stops and gyms at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and will work with the developer to relocate stops to other more suitable parks,” Cutler said in an email last week.

According to Cutler, approximately 25,000 people visit the ferry terminal daily for access to Toronto Island.

“A lot of cool Pokemon are here. It’s a really good place to put lures down so you can catch a lot of Pokemon,” one Pokemon GO player told CTV Toronto.

“I was here last night and it was busy but I didn’t see a whole lot of littering or any kinds of vandalism or anything like that,” another player said. “I think it’s a good way to bring people together.”

The meeting will include the terminal’s operations team, city maintenance staff and officials with Toronto Parks and Recreation and will take place this afternoon.