TORONTO -- Five people were arrested and charged after police attended large gatherings in downtown Toronto on Saturday and enforced provincial emergency orders.

Although the city remains under a stay-at-home order and outdoor gatherings of more than five people are prohibited, dozens continue to participate in weekly anti-lockdown protests.

Toronto police have warned attendees that they are going to enforce the rules, disperse the crowd and issue tickets and summonses.

"On Saturday, Feb. 13, there were various large gatherings and demonstrations that were taking place throughout the city of Toronto. Our police service was out and about for enforcement in these areas to ensure that everyone was obeying the stay at home," Const. Alex Li said.

"Unfortunately, there were crowds that had gathered."

As a result, three people were charged with obstructing a peace officer, and another was charged with fail to comply. A fifth person was charged with fail to identify and unnecessary noise.

"For the most part, most Torontonians are compliant with the stay-at-home order, which we do appreciate," Li said.

"We understand it can be frustrating. But the ones that have chosen to go against it and have congregated in these large gatherings, we have taken enforcement action against them."