ST. CATHARINES, ONT. -- A lawyer for an Ontario police officer accused of shooting a fellow cop a year ago says the charges against her client have been dropped.

Det. Sgt. Shane Donovan of the Niagara Regional Police had been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon in relation to the incident.

His lawyer Joanne Mulcahy says those charges were withdrawn today because the prosecutor felt there was no reasonable chance of conviction.

But the lawyer for Const. Nathan Parker, who was shot multiple times in the incident last November, says he “cannot fathom” the decision not to try the case.

Joseph Markson says there's no theory of the case that could justify Donovan shooting Parker multiple times, leaving him with “nine bullet wounds.”

Parker has also faces three assault charges in the same incident.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 22, 2019.