A Toronto resident who describes herself as a "seasoned" marijuana smoker says she was not ready for what she called a "bad trip" after smoking sativa marijuana ordered from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

Jessica Weiser says she smokes marijuana for medical and relaxation reasons. When it was legalized, she started buying it online.

"I sort of got into it again with legalization and I did the research and found that it can alleviate certain conditions," Weiser said.

Weiser says that within minutes of smoking the sativa brand, she had a bad reaction that made her feel sick for hours.

"It was really unpleasant. Right away I knew I had a bad high," she said. When she examined the pot, she felt it must have been part of a bad batch and demanded a $42 refund. She also felt the pot should be tested.

"I took photos of it and enlarged them and I could clearly see mould, holes and what is bud rot, I’ve learned," Weiser said.

The Ontario Cannabis Store responded to her complaint and said that the dizziness and disorientation she felt was a common side effect of using cannabis and that a refund would not be granted.

"We take consumer complaints seriously and only sell tested, traceable, quality-assured cannabis from producers licensed by Health Canada," a spokesperson for the OCS told CTV News Toronto. “Less than 0.01 percent of total sales have resulted in product quality complaints year to date."

You can only return marijuana products that have not been opened within 14 days. Weiser believes the policy is unfair.

"It wasn't that I wasn't happy with it. I was sick from it/ There is a big difference," she said. “I would like not only a refund, I would like the marijuana tested to find out exactly what's wrong with it."

The OCS said all complaints are investigated by the licensed producer and resolutions are communicated back to the customer. As for Weiser, her case is closed and she won't be getting a refund.