Caribana revelry that would normally take place on Olympic Island has been moved to Ontario Place due to the ongoing civic strike.

Ferry service to the island for tourists has been disrupted by the strike, which has gone on for 29 days and counting.

As a result, the 'De Scotiabank Caribana Lime' event -- which features a full day of music, food and dance, among other things -- will be moved to Ontario Place for Aug. 2.

"We're part of the tourism industry in Toronto and Ontario, and as a good neighbour, we thought it was important for us to try and work with Caribana and make sure no events are cancelled in this great festival," Ontario Place's Terry Caddo told CTV Toronto on Monday.

The event is the day-long, day-after party that follows the massive Caribana parade scheduled for Aug. 1 on Lakeshore Boulevard .

"All of the entertainment that was at the island is now at Ontario Place. And you don't even have to take a ferry over; just come right to Ontario Place and come right in."

Single tickets to the event will cost $14 and can be purchased online at either the Caribana or Ontario Place websites.

Using the rides and other attractions at Ontario Place would cost an additional $15 per person.

On Aug. 3, Ontario Place will also host the Caribana Tent Village, which "brings a fantasy world of masquerade, bands, the artistry of carnival costumes and the sounds of steelpan music," according to a news release.

All other major Caribana events are a go. Some will take place at Lamport stadium, which is a city-owned facility.

Caribana is considered one of Toronto's top tourist draws, bringing tens of thousands of people and millions of dollars to the city's economy every year.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Chris Eby