OTTAWA - Ottawa is relaxing its rules for flying into the United States by allowing passengers to take one carry-on bag on the plane.

The changes announced Tuesday by Transport Minister John Baird take effect Wednesday at all Canadian airports.

  • Read the Air Canada advisory here.

There will be some exceptions to the new regulation -- travellers will be allowed to take a purse or laptop or briefcase or camera bag on board along with the carry-on.

All items taken on a plane such as reading material, personal electronics and medications must be stored in the carry-on bag and packed prior to the security check..

The bag must not exceed 23 centimetres by 40 centimetres by 55 centimetres.

Carry-on bags were restricted after the failed Dec. 25 bomb plot on a Northwest flight to Detroit from Amsterdam.

The changes and increased security at airports caused chaos and long lines for travellers for weeks.

Transport Canada also announced they were buying full body scanners for airports and a plan to implement a screening method known as behaviour pattern recognition.

"The government of Canada is strongly committed to ensuring that air travel is safe and secure, but also to ensure passengers have a reasonable level of comfort and convenience during their trips," Baird said in a release announcing the changes.