TORONTO - A man caught up in the backlash against an anti-Muslim film says he's breathing a little easier after talking to Toronto police.

Egyptian authorities accuse Nader Fawzy and another Canadian of being involved in the film "Innocence of Muslims" -- a charge both vehemently deny.

Egypt has issued arrest warrants for the men, and Fawzy, who's a Coptic Christian, fears that he and his three daughters will be targeted by Muslim extremists.

He says clerics in his native Egypt have called for the deaths of everyone connected to the obscure, amateurish film that was made in California.

Fawzy went to Toronto police on Saturday seeking protection and says they promised that patrols around his home will be increased and officers will occasionally check in on him.

"Innocence of Muslims" denigrates the Prophet Muhammad and has sparked violent protests in several countries.

Hundreds demonstrated on Saturday outside the U-S Consulate in Toronto, but there were no major problems.