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Canada revamps trusted-traveller program at several airports

Canada is revamping a trusted-traveller program next month at several airports across the country, the federal minister of transportation announced on Tuesday.

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said the updated program will speed up NEXUS and trusted-traveller lines by eliminating the time-consuming elements of getting processed at security.

“This includes being able to keep laptops, large electronics and compliant liquids and gels in their carry on,” Alghabra said.

These new rules at security will be implemented in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Montreal between June 7 and 21, Alghabra said at the announcement held at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The revamp will also allow children who are 17 years old and younger, along with adults 75 and older, to accompany verified travellers through security as long as they are on the same reservation.

Travellers who already have NEXUS and trusted-traveller cards are already eligible for the revamped program, Alghabra said.

For months, Transport Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) operated a “successful” pilot program at Pearson Airport with the goal of preparing for the busy summer travel months.

Last summer, chaos unfolded at airports after a surge in post-pandemic travel left airports and airlines overwhelmed. Top Stories

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